The Fundamentals of Boarding up to Secure Your Home 

When Should You Board Up Your Residential or commercial property?

Whether your residential or commercial property’s business or residential, in usage or not, unfortunate occurrences happen that make boarding up for security and safety reasons necessary.The UK’s primary go-to boarding up choices are wood boards and steel screens, and are both perfect solutions when you need to board up your house or business especially when you need to:

# 1: Secure a home after criminal activity

Any access point on a property is susceptible to opportunistic criminals– especially an access point that’s already been damaged. Criminals such as intruders frequently re-target the same homes if they have actually had early success: it’s not unusual for them to break in through a window or require a door to acquire entry, steal whatever they can carry, only to return later on. Not protecting the access point can make it easier for them to return and regain entry to finish off the job.

Securing a home, even after an event of burglary or vandalism, is still a preventative measure due to the fact that it stops the matter from becoming any worse. After all, leaving a damaged window revealed can also be a signal for other antisocial behaviours, such as tried vandalism, trespass and even squatting.

Proactive boarding up after a break-in can even make a distinction to insurance companies, as numerous will only pay in case of break-in: if another opportunist criminal walks in because a broken window permitted access, then you might have more difficulty securing an insurance coverage payment than would have been associated with protecting the home!

As such, emergency boarding up supplies not only a visible deterrent to other crooks, but likewise produces a physical barrier which avoids additional burglary or trespass, especially as both steel and wood boards can be set up utilising anti-tamper screws.If the home’s been more extensively damaged by criminal activity, such as arson or vandalism, then choices of either timber boarding up from the outside, or steel screens which can be set up from the inside, imply that boarding up’s possible, whatever the type or degree of damage.

Timber boards are frequently utilised for emergency situation boarding up, while Sitex steel security screens offer perforations which permit light through, ideal for assisting in inspection sees from insurers or repair work professionals.

# 2: Safeguard against severe weather condition

With international ecological events impacting on local environments, practically any season can now bring storms throughout the UK. Severe weather can make homes vulnerable, especially where:

  1. A property’s currently in a state of disrepair, like waiting for repair.
  2. The location uses additional threat from extreme weather conditions, such as in a high-wind location or on a floodplain.
  3. The property’s likely to be vacant over a time period, when weather damage may have a wider harmful result due to not being discovered instantly.
  4. Boarding up to protect your residential or commercial property versus the impacts of the weather can be an extremely proactive action in preventing problems:
  5. Timber boarding can be efficient, especially in an emergency situation or short term.
  6. Solid steel barriers can be highly resilient versus extreme winds and can also be utilized to protect garage doors, as residential or commercial properties can sustain considerable structural damage through wind getting in the property in this manner.

It’s also worth noting that if storm damage through flooding is a particular issue in the property’s area, deploying flood avoidance barriers can offer additional protection.

# 3: Avoid problems with a vacant residential or commercial property

As discussed, uninhabited residential or commercial properties have their vulnerabilities, not least since there’s nobody on site or indoors to realise there’s an issue and react quickly. This indicates even little issues may intensify very rapidly, consisting of the effects of storm damage, burglars to the home, the spread of fire and the dumping of rubbish. However, boarding up can help by avoiding:

Access to and misuse of land: fly-tipping is on the increase in the UK– up 7% more in the year April 16– March 17, the fourth year of boost in a row. Many property and landowners do not realise that they’ll be accountable for the clean-up costs when fly-tippers get and dispose rubbish on private property (as reported by the BBC, Oct 2017).

Vandalism and arson: both of these crimes prevail in empty properties and can be extremely costly to the homeowner. Nevertheless, steel screens can be used to prevent both arson and vandalism.Squatters: crouching in UK residential property is unlawful however although the process for eliminating squatters is now much easier than previously, it’s still a prolonged, expensive process for property owners. Squatting can be a lot more of an issue for commercial property owners, now a prime target because squatting is not yet illegal in the industrial home sector. Overall, it can cost far less to install boards or screens to prevent intruders, intruders and possible squatters from getting in, than to evict them once they’re in occupation.Both wood and steel screens can be set up without damaging the property, perfect for short-term vacancies in between tenants– a prime-time show for squatters to relocate.

If the property is uninhabited due to the fact that it’s in a state of disrepair or while waiting for preparation permission for remodellings or refurbishments, then steel screens likewise have the benefit of being installed internally, so any damage to the outside will not affect the boarding up. Typically, homes cost Auction are boarded up.

# 4: Avoid damage throughout an event.

The occasions market is growing, and many cities are now maximizing outdoor occasions such as carnivals, processions and festivals to draw in visitors and generate a boost to the regional economy. Although this is excellent for companies and for the visitors who enjoy the events, it can be a real headache (at the very least) and even a genuine problem involving pricey clean-ups for house owners– including occurrences of hazardous waste following incidences of urination and defecation in gardens.

An example of how boarding up can assist prevent problems is through the action of residents to the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival. Local companies board up their properties over the period of the carnival while many neighbouring property owners fence off gain access to points or board up the properties as a way of preventing expensive repairs or undesirable trespass including picnics and defecation in their gardens!

That’s when, so what doors and windows etc, should I boarded up?

Knowing when to board up is constantly handy, however understanding where and how will ensure you maximize your board up alternatives.For where, consider all gain access to points, consisting of (but not limited to):.

  • Doors, including garage, basement and sash doors.
  • Windows, consisting of skylights and sashes.
  • Gateways, consisting of entrance ways on home limits.

And how, what boarding should I use?

So you know when and where to board up, but which technique would be best for your property? While both timber and steel screens have residential or commercial properties which make them ideal in numerous situations, it works to understand which might be appropriate for your property:

  1. Timber boarding up screens– fast to install in emergency situations, such as after a break-in, storm or fire damage; quickly custom-made cut to fit windows and to protect doors. Timber supplies complete physical barriers throughout limits and borders, to prevent misuse or unlawful occupation of land. Ideal for short-term and short-lived usage.
  2. Solid steel– particularly resistant to arson-attack, complete screening for double defence– extremely visible deterrent and making a property less attractive to squatters, as will permit no natural light into the residential or commercial property. Perfect for totally closing up a property in the long-term.
  3. Sitex steel– resistant to arson attack but with perforations enabling light and ventilation. Sitex can be fitted from within so there’s no external damage to the residential or commercial property. Great for both short and long-lasting use.

For all of your Boarding Up needs, contact your Local Emergency Glazier in Reigate.